Introduction to Discourse Studies رنکما Jan Renkema

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نقد و بررسی تخصصی Introduction to Discourse Studies

کتاب پیش رو که در ادامه کتاب موفق دیگری از همین نویسنده به نام Discourse Studies: An Introductory Textbook نوشته شده است و شما را با نکات کلیدی بیشتری در discourse studies و مشکلات اصلی این حوزه در فرهنگ های آمریکا و انگلیسی و حتی استرالیا آشنا می سازد. همچنین این کتاب جعبه ابزاری به شما ارائه می دهد تا بتوانید از آن در کورس های آینده discourse studies استفاده کنید.

Introduction to Discourse Studies follows on Jan Renkema’s successful Discourse Studies: An Introductory Textbook (1993), published in four languages. This new book deals with even more key concepts in discourse studies and approaches major issues in this field from the Anglo-American and European as well as the Australian traditions. It provides a ‘scientific toolkit’ for future courses on discourse studies and serves as a stepping stone to the independent study of professional literature
Introduction to Discourse Studies is the result of more than twenty-five years of experience gained in doing research and teaching students, professionals and academics at various universities. The book is organized in fifteen comprehensive chapters, each subdivided in modular sections that can be studied separately. It includes

400 references, from the most-cited contemporary publications to influential classic works
500 index entries covering frequently used concepts in the field
more than 100 thought-provoking questions, all elaborately answered, which are ideal for teacher-supported self-education
nearly 100 assignments that provide ample material for teachers to focus on specific topics of their own preference in their lectures

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