Discourse Analysis 2nd Edition Discourse Analysis 2nd Edition اثر Brian Paltridge

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نقد و بررسی تخصصی Discourse Analysis 2nd Edition

کتاب Discourse Analysis 2nd Edition اثر Brian Paltridge

This is the new edition of Discourse Analysis: An Introduction, an accessible and widely-used introduction to the analysis of discourse. In its 10 chapters the book examines different approaches to discourse, looking at discourse and society, discourse and pragmatics, discourse and genre, discourse and conversation, discourse grammar, corpus-based approaches to discourse and critical discourse analysis

The book includes the following features
-A full companion website, featuring student and lecturer resources
-A new chapter on multimodal discourse analysis
-Chapter summaries outlining the key areas covered
-Updated examples drawn from film, television, the media and everyday life
-Explanations of technical terms in each chapter
-Discussion tasks and data analysis projects at the end of each chapter
-Student exercises and answer keys for each chapter-Suggestions for further reading

This engagingly written introduction to discourse analysis is essential for students encountering discourse analysis for the first time, whether at undergraduate or postgraduate level. It should be on every reading list

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