An Introduction to Applied Linguistics 3rd زبانشناسی کاربردی اشمیت norbert schmitt

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نقد و بررسی تخصصی An Introduction to Applied Linguistics 3rd

 کتاب an introduction to applied linguistics 3rd اثر  Norbert Schmitt  اشمیت

An Introduction to Applied Linguistics provides a complete, authoritative and up-to-date overview of the state of the field. Divided into three sections covering: a description of language and language use; essential areas of enquiry; and language skills and assessment, the third edition of this highly successful textbook provides

 an introductory chapter which familiarises readers with key issues and recurrent themes

 17 chapters offering extended surveys of central elements of applied linguistics

 two brand-new chapters on multilingualism and forensic linguistics

 re-written chapters on psycholinguistics, language learners, reading and assessment

hands-on activities and further reading sections for each chapter, encouraging practical analysis and wider reading

 revised and updated references for every chapter

Co-edited by two leading international specialists, with its accessible style, broad coverage and practical focus, this book is ideal for students of applied linguistics, TESOL, and second language pedagogy, as well as practicing teachers and researchers wishing to update their knowledge

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