Aspects of Language Teaching کتاب Aspects of Language Teaching اثر H G Widdowson

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نقد و بررسی تخصصی Aspects of Language Teaching

کتاب Aspects of Language Teaching اثر H G Widdowson

کتاب aspects of language teaching ویدسون

Professor Widdowson provides a critical review of the most prominent issues in language teaching today - among them the relevance of theoretical enquiry to practical pedagogy, and the relationship between grammar and discourse in communicative language teaching. He relates these issues to general perspectives on the nature of language and language learning

The series attracts single or co-authored volumes from authors researching at the cutting edge of this dynamic field of interdisciplinary enquiry. The titles range from books that make such developments accessible to the non-specialist reader to those which explore in depth their relevance for the way language is to be conceived as a subject, and how courses and classroom activities are to be designed. As such, these books not only extend the field of applied linguistics itself and lend an additional significance to its enquiries, but also provide an indispensable professional foundation for language pedagogy and its practice

The scope of the series includes

second language acquisition

bilingualism and multi/plurilingualism

language pedagogy and teacher education

testing and assessment

language planning and policy

language internationalization

technology-mediated communication

discourse-, conversation-, and contrastive-analysis





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