In Other Words 3rd Edition کتاب In Other Words 3rd Edition اثر Mona Baker

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کتاب In Other Words 3rd Edition اثر Mona Baker

In Other Words has been the definitive coursebook for students studying translation for nearly three decades. Assuming no knowledge of foreign languages, it offers a practical guide based on extensive research in areas as varied as lexis, grammar, pragmatics, semiotics and ethics. It thus provides a solid basis for training a new generation of well-informed, critical students of translation

Drawing on linguistic theory and social semiotics, the third edition of this best-selling text guides trainee translators through the variety of decisions they will have to make throughout their career. Each chapter offers an explanation of key concepts, identifies potential sources of translation difficulties related to those concepts and illustrates various strategies for resolving these difficulties. Authentic examples of translated texts from a wide variety of languages and genres are examined, and practical exercises and further reading are included at the end of each chapter.

The third edition has been fully revised to reflect recent developments in the field and includes a new chapter that engages with the interplay between verbal and visual elements in genres as varied as children’s literature, comics, film, poetry and advertisements

This key text remains the essential coursebook for any student of translation studies

کتاب حاضر به مطالعات ترجمه پرداخته است و يک راهنماي عملي و نظري براي دانشجويان رشته مترجمي مي باشد و پايه و اساس مهم براي آموزش مترجمان حرفه اي را فراهم مي کند. اين کتاب شامل مثال و تمرين هايي از قبيل ترجمه سمعي و بصري، ترجمه علمي، تفسير، ترجمه وب سايت، اخبار / رسانه ها و ... مي باشد.

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