Essential Study Skills 3rd کتاب Essential Study Skills 3rd اثر Tom Burns

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Essential Study Skills The Complete Guide to Success at University Tom Burns
کتاب Essential Study Skills 3rd اثر Tom Burns
؟Do you want to do better at university

Whether you′re a student wanting to improve their study skills or a lecturer who wants to give their students a helping hand with their work, this book is for you

Essential Study Skills is a proven guide for every student wanting to achieve success at university

Packed with study tips and handy activities, this study skills handbook shows you step-by-step how to study effectively and make the best of your time - whatever level you′re at

Whether you are going to university straight from school, a mature student, or an overseas student studying in the UK for the first time, you′ll find out how to

 Sail through those tricky first weeks

 Get the most out of lectures by understanding how you learn

 Learn techniques for academic writing and research

 Pass exams with flying colours

 Stay cool and cope with stress

Practical and interactive, this edition features three brand new chapters to arm you with even more essential skills including how to produce a dissertation, planning your career and focussing on building relationships with lecturers and other students to help you get ahead

Also launching with this new edition is an improved and expanded companion website. Don′t miss the extensive range of guidance and resources for both students and tutors, including downloadable templates, practice exercises and other tools for students to use in both their preparation and their actual work

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