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مجموعه How to Teach توسط گروهي از مدرسين و مربيان تربيت معلم ، افرادي که واقعيت کلاس درس و مشکلات و نياز هاي زبان آموزان را به خوبي مي شناسند، نوشته شده است. هدف اين مجموعه ساختن اعتماد به نفس و افزايش سطح دانش و توانايي معلمان است. جرمي هارمر "Jeremy Harmer" برجسته ترين استاد آموزش زبان و شخصي که با ايده هايش کمک شاياني به نظريه ELT کرد، ويراستار اين مجموعه است نویسنده Jeremy Harmer 

This straightforward, highly readable handbook is an essential introduction to the theory and practice of teaching English. It examines a variety of teaching methods based on the author's extensive experience in the classroom and with teachers in training. The book offers ideas on lesson planning and textbook use that can be put into practice immediately

  • Ideal for new or inexperienced teachers and candidates for the CELTA exam
  • Practical coverage of specific methods, lesson planning, using textbooks and coping with the unexpected
  • Includes a clear introduction to describing language so that you can understand and use technical words relating to grammar and pronunciation
  • Appendices on equipment, further reading and phonetic symbols for ease of reference
  • New glossary to explain teaching terms
  • DVD with classroom demonstrations of core classroom techniques
  • New chapter on testing

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