SOLA Current Trends in the Development and Teaching of the four Language Skills

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روندهای فعلی در توسعه و تدریس چهار مهارت زبان باعث ایجاد ارتباط از تئوری در چهار مهارت زبانی به شیوه های آموزشی می شود و شامل بیست و یک فصل است که در پنج بخش گروه بندی می شوند. در فصل مقدمه یک چارچوب صلاحیت ارتباطی به منظور برجسته کردن نقش اصلی چهار مهارت زبانی در یادگیری و تدریس زبان ارائه شده است. چهار بخش بعدی هر یک مهارت زبان را نشان می دهند. هر بخش با یک فصل آغاز می شود که به طور خلاصه پیشرفت های در درک چگونگی یادگیری و آموزش هر مهارت را نشان می دهد. فصل های زیر جهت دار به لحاظ آموزشی ، با بررسی تحقیقات نمونه و ارائه فعالیت های نوآورانه ، این درک را گسترش می دهند. سبک در دسترس و تمرکز عملی حجم ، آن را برای دوره های متد در آموزش مهارت های چهار زبان ، ایده آل می کند. Current Trends in the Development and Teaching of the four Language Skills builds connections from theory in the four language skills to instructional practices. It comprises twenty-one chapters that are grouped in five sections. The first section includes an introductory chapter which presents a communicative competence framework developed by the editors in order to highlight the key role the four skills play in language learning and teaching. The next four sections each represent a language skill: Section II is devoted to listening, Section III to speaking, Section IV to reading and Section V to writing. In order to provide an extensive treatment of each of the four skills, each section starts with a theoretical chapter which briefly illustrates advances in the understanding of how each skill is likely to be learned and taught, followed by four didactically oriented chapters authored by leading international specialists. These pedagogical chapters deal specifically with four key topics: 1) areas of research that influence the teaching of a particular skill; 2) an overview of strategies or techniques necessary for developing a particular skill; 3) an approach to the academic orientation of a particular skill, and 4) unique aspects of teaching each skill. Moreover, all chapters incorporate two common sections: pre-reading questions at the beginning of the chapter in order to stimulate readers' interest in its content, and a section entitled suggested activities at the end of the chapter in order to allow readers put the ideas and concepts presented into practice. The accessible style and practical focus of the volume make it an ideal tool for teachers, teacher trainers, and teacher trainees who are involved in teaching the four language skills in a second or foreign language context

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