Literary Analysis : The Basics

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نقد و بررسی تخصصی Literary Analysis : The Basics

Literary Analysis: The Basics is an insightful introduction to analysing a wide range of literary forms. Providing a clear outline of the methodologies employed in twenty-first century literary analysis, it introduces readers to the genres, canons, terms, issues, critical approaches, and contexts that affect the analysis of any text. It addresses such questions as

  • What counts as literature
  • Is analysis a dissection
  • How do gender, race, class and culture affect the meaning of a text
  • Why is the social and historical context of a text important
  • Can digital media be analysed in the same way as a poem

With examples from ancient myths to young adult fiction, a glossary of key terms, and suggestions for further reading, Literary Analysis: The Basics is essential reading for anyone wishing to improve their analytical reading skills.

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