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نقد و بررسی تخصصی World English 2 3rd

National Geographic Learning’s best selling 4-skills title just got better! With World English, learners experience the world through content and ideas from National Geographic and TED, providing the motivation to talk about what’s most important to them

Stories from real people that inspire learners to make connections to their own lives
Journeys to real places so learners experience the world
Real language that helps learners communicate confidently

 New and updated content and ideas from sources including National Geographic and TED feature real people and places to provide meaningful and fascinating
 springboards for language-learning and communication
 New “My World” activities guide learners to personalize and share their opinions about real world topics
 Extended Writing and Communication lessons feature writing models and explicit skill instruction to provide increased opportunities for meaningful learner output
An extended, optional “Video Journal” section at the end of each unit features amazing video from either National Geographic or TED
 A new “Grammar Reference” section in the appendix provides additional grammar support and practice while offering flexible instructional opportunities

با کتاب World English ، زبان آموزان ، جهان را از طریق محتوا و ایده های National Geographic و TED تجربه می کنند و انگیزه لازم را برای گفتگو در مورد مهمترین آنها بدست می آورند

ویژگی های نسخه سوم:

داستان هایی از افراد واقعی که به زبان آموزان القا می شود تا به زندگی خود پیوند برقرار کنند.

سفر به مکان های واقعی تا زبان آموزان جهان را تجربه کنند.

به زبان آموزان کمک می کند تا با اعتماد به نفس ارتباط برقرار کنند


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