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Email English 2nd Edition is for learners of business English and general English who need additional support in writing emails and social media communications. Based on hundreds of real life examples, Email English deals systematically with key language for constructing effective and convincing emails in English as well as developing an appropriate voice through social media
  • Suitable for self-study or as supplementary material for the classroom
  • Features a variety of exercise types and covers a wide range of topics to ensure full understanding and language development
  • Basics, including opening and closing emails, giving information, making requests, arranging meetings and checking understanding
  • A NEW social media section presents strategies, tips and key language, as well as expressions for writing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Students deal with both formal and informal emails and learn to switch appropriately between the two mediums
  • The Phrase Bank consists of phrases organised functionally, which students can use to construct more effective emails in class and at work

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