Becoming A Language Teacher by Elaine K. Horwitz

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Becoming a Language Teacher is a comprehensive guide to the knowledge and classroom skills teachers need to meet the needs of all language learners. The book encourages each reader to develop a personal approach to language teaching

A much-needed resource in an era when all mainstream classroom teachers need to always be focusing on language, Becoming a Language Teacher recognizes that the development of academic literacy is the goal of many language teachers and essential to the school success of English language learners–unlike most methods books, which concentrate on language for communication purposes rather than for academic needs

Employing a warm and supportive tone, respected author Elaine K. Horwitz clearly explains fundamental knowledge about second language acquisition and language teaching, as well as answers to practical questions such as: How do I plan a lesson? How will I know if the students are learning? How do I teach language when I am also teaching content material?  How do I effectively use technology in language teaching? How can I ensure the academic success of my students? By considering actual classroom situations, readers learn how to make instructional decisions in their own teaching settings

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