Contemporary Applied Linguistics Volume 1 Vivian Cook , Li Wei

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نقد و بررسی تخصصی Contemporary Applied Linguistics Volume 1

کتاب Contemporary Applied Linguistics Volume 1
Written by internationally renowned academics, this volume provides a snapshot of the field of applied linguistics, and illustrates how linguistics is informing and engaging with neighbouring disciplines
The contributors present new research in the 'traditional' areas of applied linguistics, including multilingualism, language education, teacher-learner relationships, and assessment. It  represents the best of current practice in applied linguistics, and will be invaluable to students and researchers looking for an overview of the field

Table of contents

Volume 1: Language Teaching and Learning
Introduction: language learning and teaching (editors)
 Politics, Policies and Political Action in Foreign Language Education, Mike Byram (University of Durham, UK
 Identity in applied linguistics: the need for conceptual exploration, David Block (Institute of Education, UK
 Language user groups and language teaching, Vivian Cook (Newcastle University, UK
 Language Learning as Discursive Practice, Joan Kelly Hall (Pennsylvania State University, USA
 Motivation, attitude and perception, Jean Marc Dewaele (Birkbeck College, UK
Interlanguage and Fossilisation: Towards an Analytic Model (ZhaoHong Han, Teachers College Columbia, USA
 Developments in language learner strategies, Ernesto Macaro (Oxford University, UK
8. We do need methods (Michael Swan
 Integrating Content-Based and Task-Based Approaches for Teaching, Learning, and Research, Teresa Pica (University of Pennsylvania, USA
 The decline and fall of the native speaker teacher, Enric Llurda (University of Lleida, Catalonia
 Third culture and language education, Claire Kramsch (University of California at Berkeley, USA
 New roles for L2 vocabulary?, Paul Nation (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

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