Writing in Paragraphs by Carlos Islam (Author), Dorothy E Zemach (Author) //Macmillan Writing Series

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نقد و بررسی تخصصی Writing in Paragraphs

کتاب Writing in Paragraphs Student's Book

Writing in Paragraphs takes students from sentence formation to paragraph writing through a process approach
This not only develops students’ paragraph writing skills, but also encourages them to become independent and creative writers

Writing in Paragraphs leads naturally to Academic Writing

Key features

A systematic approach offers clarity to students, helping them to organise their learning and develop skills in a comprehensive way

The end of each unit provides students with an opportunity to use the grammar and vocabulary, sentence and paragraph structures they have learnt in engaging writing tasks

The thematic approach helps students to learn vocabulary and apply it to their writing

The comprehensive Teacher’s Guide includes step-by-step notes and activities, a full answer-key and photocopiable peer review forms, as well as suggestions for extra learning activities

Each Student’s Book contains an appendix, complete with a verb chart that highlights irregular past tense verb forms and participles for easy reference

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