Classroom Instruction from A to Z 2nd by Barbara R. Blackburn

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نقد و بررسی تخصصی Classroom Instruction from A to Z 2nd

Learn the most effective ways to promote student learning. This second edition of bestselling author Barbara Blackburn’s Classroom Instruction from A to Z covers a broad range of key instructional strategies to help you create more meaningful, engaging learning experiences for your students. Each chapter from A to Z offers guidance on a specific aspect of classroom instruction, such as planning strong lessons; assessing student learning; creating more successful homework assignments; differentiating instruction; and scaffolding students for success

Throughout the book, you’ll find practical strategies and tools that you can implement immediately, no matter what subject area or grade level you teach

Topics new to this updated edition include

  • Exploring blended learning techniques such as flipped classrooms
  • Strategies for implementing social emotional learning and mindfulness
  • Understanding diverse learners and accommodating all students
  • Teaching academic vocabulary in deeper ways; and
  • Integrating subjects and promoting writing across the curriculum

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