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کتاب EXPERT PTE Academic B2

The Expert series provides rigorous exam training for high-achieving students while continuing to develop language awareness and communication skills. This intensive course for the Pearson Test of English Academic exam consists of a coursebook and MyEnglishLab. This combination of components will prove to satisfy your students' practice needs and allow them to achieve their full potential

Expert PTE Academic B2 is the only course for PTE Academic exam preparation. It provides a step-by-step approach to speaking and writing, combined with high-level texts and tasks that prepares students for the exam right from the start

The PTE Academic EXPERT coursebook for B1 and B2 supports students by giving them

  • Step-by-step approach to speaking and writing
  • High-level and tasks to prepare students for the exam from the start
  • Strategies for approaching the exam task types
  • Vocabulary sections based on the Academic Collocations and Word lists (ACL and AWL

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