The Oxford ESOL Handbook Philida Schellekens

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نقد و بررسی تخصصی The Oxford ESOL Handbook

Oxford ESOL Handbook کتاب

Oxford ESOL Handbook

A practical 'toolkit' for developing students' language skills in the ESOL classroom.

Philida Schellekens

·         Focuses on the students: their backgrounds, characteristics, experiences, and first languages, and shows how all these affect them as learners

·         Develops your understanding of how English works and what might make its structure confusing for learners, and shows you how to apply this knowledge to your teaching.

·         Gives teachers new to ESOL (for example teachers of English as a Foreign Language or of adult literacy) a complete introduction to ESOL teaching

·         Enables experienced ESOL teachers to check and update their knowledge of recent developments, new approaches, and research findings

·         Provides teacher trainers with a valuable resource for training ESOL teachers

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