The Handbook of English Linguistics کتاب The Handbook of English Linguistics اثر Bas Aarts , April McMahon

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کتاب The Handbook of English Linguistics اثر Bas Aarts , April McMahon 


The Handbook of English Linguistics is a collection of articles written by leading specialists on all core areas of English linguistics that provides a state-of-the-art account of research in the field
  • Brings together articles from the core areas of English linguistics, including syntax, phonetics, phonology, morphology, as well as variation, discourse, stylistics and usage
  • Written by specialists from around the world
  •  Provides an introduction to a key area of English Linguistics and includes a discussion of the most recent theoretical and descriptive research, as well as extensive bibliographic references
Notes on Contributors

 Introduction (Bas Aarts, University College London and April McMahon, University of Edinburgh)


Part I: Methodology.

 Description and Theory (Kresti Borjars, University of Manchester)

 English Corpus Linguistics (Tony McEnergy, Lancaster University and Costas Gabrielatos, Lancaster University)

4. English Grammar Writing (Andrew Linn, University of Sheffield)

 Data Collection (Charles F. Meyer, University of Massachusetts, Boston and Gerald Nelson, University College London)


Part II: Syntax.

 English World Classes and Phrases (Bas Aarts, University College London and Liliane Haegeman, University of Lille III).

 Verbs and Their Satellites (David Allerton, University of Basle, Switzerland).

 Clause Types (Peter Collins, University of New South Wales).

. Coordination and Subordination (Rodney Huddleston, University of Queensland and Geoffrey K. Pullum, University of California, Santa Cruz).

 Tense in English (Laura A. Michaelis, University of Colorado, Boulder)

Aspect and Aspectuality (Robert I. Binnick, University of Toronto).

 Mood and Modality in English (Ilse Depraetere, University of Lille III and Susan Reed, Katholieke Univeriteit Leuven).

. Information Structure (Betty J. Birner, Northern Illinois University and Gregory Ward, Northwestern University).

 Current Changes in English Syntax (Christian Mair, University of Freiburg and Geoffrey Leech, Lancaster University)

. English Constructions (Adele E. Goldberg, Princeton University and Devin Casenhiser, Princeton University)


Part III: Phonetics and Phonology.

 English Phonetics (Michael K.C. MacMahon, University of Glasgow).

 English Phonology and Morphology (Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero, University of Newcastle upon Tyne and April McMahon, University of Edinburgh).

 Prosodic Phonology (Michael Hammond, University of Arizona).

 Intonation (Francis Nolan, University of Cambridge).


Part IV: Lexis and Morphology.

 English Words (Donka Imnkova, UCLA and Robert Stockwell, UCLA)

 Compounds and Minor Word-formation Types (Laurie Bauer, Victoria University of Wellington)

English Inflection and Derivation (James P. Blevins , University of Cambridge)

 Productivity (Ingo Plag, University of Siegen, Germany)

 Lexical Semantics (Kate Kearns, Canterbury University)

 Lexicography (Julie Coleman, University of Leicester)


Part V: Variation, Discourse, Stylistics, and Usage.

. Syntactic Variation in English: A Global Perspective (Bernd Kortmann, University of Freiburg, Germany).

 Phonological Variation: A Global Perspective (Paul Foulkes, University of York).

. Spoken and Written English (Jim Miller, University of Auckland).

. The Grammar of Conversation (Paulo Quaglio, University of Central Florida and Douglas Biber, Northern Arizona University).

. Gender and the English Language (Deborah Cameron, Oxford University).

. Language and Literature: Stylistics (Peter Stockwell, University of Nottingham).

. English Usage: Prescription and Description (Pam Peters, Macquarie University).


Subject and Key Name Index

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