Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom کتاب Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom اثر Tricia Hedge

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نقد و بررسی تخصصی Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom

کتاب Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom اثر Tricia Hedge

A guide to current ideas about the theory and practice of English language teaching

Tricia Hedge believes that although there are huge differences in the way that English is taught around the world, teachers typically find themselves having to face similar issues. What do I set up as aims for my next lesson with this class and what kind of activities will help to achieve those aims? How do I deal with this reading text in class? What amount of out-of-class work can I reasonably expect my learners to do? How do I make best use of a textbook I am not entirely happy with? These are just a few examples of the many questions typically asked by teachers which she addresses in this book

Although insights from research can help, there are no 'right answers' provided. Instead, the aim is to give you a solid foundation of knowledge which you can use to evaluate and apply your own ideas about teaching and learning

The book is organized into four parts

- Part One ('A framework for teaching and learning') looks at insights from research into learners, learning, and language in use and discusses how these have influenced methodology and materials in ELT. Specific topics covered include: the use of communicative tasks in the classroom, the concept of learner strategies and how you can train your students to develop them, the growth of interactive methodology and its consequences in changing the roles of teacher and learner

- Part Two ('Teaching the language system') focuses on vocabulary and grammar, and Part Three ('Developing the language skills') on the traditional four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. There is also discussion of how these different areas fit together

- Part Four ('Planning and assessing learning') moves on to wider issues. Chapter 10 on course design refers back to topics covered earlier in the book. Chapter 11 deals with the relationship between teaching and different forms of assessment

There is an Introductory task at the start of each chapter (with supporting guidance notes), as well as a Discussion topics and projects section - which can be used for group discussion - at the end

The book also has a complete glossary, further reading suggestions at the end of each chapter, a bibliography, and a full index
Teaching and Learning in the Language Classroom
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