OSD Zertifikat B2 کتاب آلمانی ÖSD Zertifikat B2

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کتاب آلمانی ÖSD Zertifikat B2

The exam ÖSD Zertifikat B2 certifies a candidate’s ability to communicate clearly and in detail on a broad range of topics and conduct a normal conversation with native speakers in a spontaneous and fluent way

This exam certifies language competence in communicative situations that go beyond the private sphere, as well as (semi-)public and professional fields. Candidates are able to understand text dealing with their area of expertise

This exam is directed at learners aged 16 and over, an altered version is tailored to young learners aged 14 and above

The exam comprises two modules: the Written exam (Reading, Listening and Writing) and the Oral exam (Speaking), focusing mainly on communicative competence, even though attention is also paid to formal accuracy

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