The Development of Language 9th کتاب The Development of Language اثر Jean Berko Gleason

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کتاب The Development of Language اثر Jean Berko Gleason

کتاب The Development of Language 9th 

World-renowned experts and cutting-edge researchers provide a definitive exploration of language acquisition and development from infancy through adulthood

In a multi-disciplinary approach–and written by outstanding scholars known for their expertise in the areas they discuss–The Development of Language focuses on language acquisition throughout the lifespan, with new coverage of linguistic achievements in the first year of life and through the middle school years. It examines what we know about language development using biological, social, and cultural contexts, while also investigating individual differences, atypical development, literacy, and language development in adults


The new edition emphasises language development in children who are learning languages other than English or are bilingual and includes new information about children with risk factors for language delay or disorder. Within each topical area, such as speech production, vocabulary, syntax, pragmatics, and literacy, the authors integrate discussion of potential problems or differences in how children learn the various aspects of language. Cultural influences that lead to group and individual variation in children’s language environments and profiles of language development are addressed throughout


Each chapter is written by world-renowned scholars and cutting-edge researchers, and each chapter provides a helpful summary, list of key words, a comprehensive text glossary explaining each term, and extensive links to video resources that help bring the concepts to clarity, through examples of child communication behaviours, insights into how research into child language is conducted, and first person interviews with influential researchers in the field

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