SPSS for Psychologists 7th Edition کتاب SPSS for Psychologists 7th Edition اثر Virginia Harrison, Richard Kemp, Nicola Brace, Rosemary Snelgar

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 کتاب  SPSS for Psychologists 7th Edition

Students can find statistical analysis a challenging and complex task and, in order to master the techniques and complete their assignments and projects successfully, they need to have a sound understanding of IBM SPSS and its functions. Updated to be compatible with IBM SPSS 25, with handy screen-shots throughout, the seventh edition of this trusted and practical textbook will take students on a step-by-step journey towards carrying out a range of essential tasks with confidence: from performing an analysis to interpreting outputs and reporting the results
This book is an unbeatable, must-have guide to IBM SPSS that will allow undergraduate psychology students to master this powerful software tool

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